Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Version 1.6 is out!

Today we release version 1.6 of the OBDALib! This is a major release that includes lots of new features and optimizations in the OBDALib framework. Some noteworthy features of this release are:

Changes in Quest:

  • A new optimization called “Equivalence elimination” that allows Quest to dramatically simplify reasoning in the presence of Class or Property equivalences. Works for virtual or classic OBDA.
  • A first refactoring of the "Semantic Index" technique to allow for faster classification time in classic OBDA mode.
  • New option for Classic OBDA that allows you to avoid having to import data into your ontologies manually. Now you can as Quest to import the data on its own, from 1 or more sources, and/or from the ontology!
  • Added support for Teiid Database virtualization system. Now you can integrate multiple sources using classic or virtual mode, and not only JDBC! but also XML, XSL, CSV! anything that Teiid supports.
  • Many bug fixes and stronger compliance with RDFS/OWL2QL
  • New package to allow you to use Quest without the need of Protege directly from Java with OBDALib-Core! (check out the tutorials)

Changes in the OBDA Plugin:

  • Ability to compute OBDA model statistics (to compute how many data triples/ABox assertions can be generated using an OBDA model)
  • New feature to test data source connections
  • New feature to test SQL queries in the mappings.
  • Many bug fixes to improve stability of the system.

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