Friday, November 25, 2011

Quest and SNOMED and other huge ontologies

Today we started working with SNOMED. We are using it as a benchmark for your ontology loading and preprocessing algorithms. Even though SNOMED is strictly out of the OWL 2 QL profile, it seems to be a very good testing bed for us since most of the axioms in the ontology do fall in the OWL 2 QL fragment (with some minor syntax adjustments). Even better, it seems we will also be able to approximate and get complete inferences for ground instances (which is what often matters in the data-intensive applications we have in mind with Quest).

Things to do to fully support SNOMED:

  • Upgrade Quest to support the OWLAPI 3.
  • Optionally, upgrade quest to support Protege 4.1 (however, once the previous one is done, this should be straight forward).
  • Upgrade our ontology translation mechanism (from OWLAPI to internal representation)
  • Benchmark and fix.
  • Possibly upgrade our semantic index implementation.
Once the loading performance is done, we should be able to easily link massive amounts of data to SNOMED concepts and relationships with the techniques already have. This would be specially useful for applications like semantic search with NLP concept tagging of resources which is a common use of SNOMED and that generates huge amounts of data assertions. One more step towards getting read of forward/backward chaining!

Expect good performance in huge ontologies like this very soon!

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