Wednesday, June 13, 2012

v1.7-alpha-b1529 is now available

A new build for v1.7-alpha is now available. This time we focused on improving user interaction and solving important bugs/issues related to stability and we are happy to say that this is our most stable and user-friendly build to the date.

Highlights of this new build include:

  • Improved error reporting and error message in Quest
  • Improved syntax error reporting and messages in the mapping editor of -ontopPro-
  • Fixed critical stability issue that triggered an endless loop of error dialogs in Protege 4.1
  • Better layout, improved fonts and other GUI enhancements.
For a detailed description see our changelog.

As a hint to whats coming on the next release:

  • Quest support for LIMIT, OFFSET and ORDER BY in SPARQL queries.
  • Extending FILTER functions
  • First release of the QuestOWL and -ontop- for OWL, the OWLAPI 3 libraries that will allow you to use Quest and -ontop- directly from Java, using the OWLAPI 3.

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