Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exciting news

There are a couple of things that will come in the next release(s) of Quest that have us so excited that I had to share them.

  • New query rewriting algorithm (w.r.t. TBox). Yes, finally we are updating the query rewriting algorithm with a totally different one that goes perfect with the rest of the optimisations we have (both in classic ABox mode and virtual ABox mode. As you have seen already, Quest is generally able to produce VERY small SQL queries, often one single SQL query thanks to the way it optimises mappings and how it stores ABox assertions (semantic indexes). However, in some cases generation of SQL takes some couple of seconds, in heavy cases up to a minute. This is due to a very outdated TBox query rewriter. With the new rewriting algorithm there won't be anymore waiting. The basic implementation is already done and the results are amazing, the same simple SQL query, but now in milliseconds/nanoseconds instead of seconds/minutes. With a bit more testing we will incorporate this in the next build.
  • New mapping assistant and mapping extractor. Yes! finally some help in the mapping process, which right now is very painfull. The new automated extractor will be conformant with the Direct Mapping specification from the RDB2RDF recommendation (this one is half way done). The mapping assistant (in development by Josef) will be a manual, but will speed up mapping development by reducing it to a bunch of points and clicks. Of course, free mappings will still be available as before.

Stay tuned! Nice things are coming!

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