Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New build on the oven

Following last release, we have been cooking the next release. Goodies to expect in this release are:

  • Support for multiple JDBC connections by connection pooling, which means better performance in multithreaded environments.
  • Support for multiple clients for the SPARQL end-point (btw, we are getting GREAT performance in comparison to single client benchmarks)
  • First implementation of R2RML and Direct Mapping! yes, finally. There are still some rough edges, but most of it is already there. Documentations on how to use these will come with the release.
  • Several important bug-fixes for DB2 and SQL Server.
We are also running many new benchmarks, comparing OWLIM, Virtuoso, Stardog, D2RQ, Sparqlmap and Quest using several DBs as backend (MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2), we'll start putting the results online as soon as possible. So far, things look good for Quest and -ontop-, even when using open source DBs such as MySQL.

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