Wednesday, July 31, 2013

v1.8 now available

We are happy to announce the availability of

-ontop- v1.8

a Java framework to query RDBMS using SPARQL over RDF(s) and OWL ontologies.

If you are interested in virtual RDF graphs, R2RML mappings and/or RDFS/OWL2QL reasoning, then -ontop- is for you. The system implements the cutting edge SPARQL-to-SQL and query optimisation techniques that allow it to answer SPARQL queries using SQL databases while obtaining great performance.

With -ontop-, you don't need to move your data from your DB to enjoy the benefits of the RDF data model, the SPARQL query language or RDF/OWL2QL inference. There is no need for expensive ETL or forward/backward chaining either.

The project went through a large refactoring (its still ongoing) and this is our most stable release to the date. Moreover, as always, we included many new features. The highlights of this new release include:
  • SOURCE CODE IS NOW AVAILABLE (See the new license terms)
  • Improved mapping syntax (see full changelog)
  • New command line tools to query, automatically generate mappings, generate RDF/OWL from mappings
  • Faster SQL translation
  • Improved the SQL queries generated by Quest by avoiding some operations when unnecessary (e.g., casting), and placing optimally the JOIN conditions in the SQL query. 
  • Major restructuring of code for performance and clarity of the API (this is still ongoing)
  • Many important bugfixes for CONSTRUCT, ASK and DESCRIBE queries -ontopPro- is now compatible with Protege 4.3
  • Many bug fixes

The -ontop- development team

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